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Premieres with 10 Episode Special on the Opioid Crisis

See video segments below which have been airing to promote the series to the mass numbers of True Crime Fans around the globe. 


Other episodes will look at True Crimes from around the globe. Delving into the darkness of serial killers, human trafficking, drug cartels through to massive financial frauds and commercial crimes. The episodes will be airing on the PPCM Streaming "True Crime and Justice Channel" premiering on January 15, 2024. The 10 part special, "THE OPIOID EPIDEMIC - A BETRAYAL OF TRUST" will be the first of many crimes and justice stories to be heavily advertised and promoted to global audiences. There will be stories delving into all areas of the subject matter with another 10 Part Special coming this spring on Internet Scams such as the mail order brides scams, seniors scams, computer systems and data ransomware attacks, Dating Scams and much more. 

There are opportunities for companies worldwide to be advertising sponsors for each episode or for special series sponsors. The cost for sponsorship is USD $825.00 Per episode. A Special Series Sponsorship is USD $7250.00 and includes all 10 episodes. 

Sponsorships provide a 10 second video and logo placement at the beginning of the episode, another 10 second video and logo placement at approximately 12 minutes into the episode and exact timing will be decided based on flow of episode as will the same inclusion at the approximate 26 minute mark of the episode. Sponsors will also have active links and text inclusion in the episode and series descriptions on the various streaming platforms. Each 30 minute episode will be followed by a 3 minute teaser for the next episode followed by the final run of the 10 second sponsor video and logo for that episode. 


Given that the series will be heavily marketed and advertised online via paid campaigns, we anticipate a large viewer reception internationally. The potential combined viewer pool is over 300,000,000 active subscribers and registered users. The episodes will be streaming on demand via the PPCM Channel & The NEW TRUE CRIME AND JUSTICE CHANNEL for a guaranteed 12 month run on the following streaming platforms globally.

   APPLE TV - ALL ROKU ENABLE DIVICES - ANDROID TV - SMART BRANDED - TV's, ANDROID, iOS, iPhone, X-BOX, FIRE TV, Samsung TIZEN, SAMSUNG PLUS TV, YOUTUBE, VIMEO and potentially others as our Channel offerings expand and grow.      

About the exciting new series. It is created and produced by international award winning documentary filmmaker and photojournalist. The program is a hybrid of traditional documentary / reality style production processes combined with Generative AI components.  This not only allows for faster production times and fine tuning of actual human generated scripts. 


There are huge benefits to using Generative and other AI technology in productions, especially when created and formatted strictly for the streaming markets. Please view the video below which provides a brief overview as to the major benefits of using AI as a tool in media production and entertainment. The way in which it also assists in targeting audiences with pinpoint precision and adding massively to the viewer numbers and in turn the ROI for brands involved in these new production opportunities.  

Currently we have 32 episodes still available for sponsorship agreements including scheduled weekly episodes plus bonus and special episodes. Our current TRUE CRIME AND JUSTICE SERIES will run 52 weekly episodes  Starting January 15, 2024. This includes scheduled special series reports such as the two mentioned above. There will be a third 10 part special series in the fall focused on the Criminal Gangs and Drug Cartels Globally. All other episodes will be stand alone episodes. We will also have 12 Bonus / Special episodes over the 12 month schedule. This could be increased should there be "Breaking Crime Reports" of major national or international importance. Sponsors are also added to all social media and online promotional clips. 


As an experienced documentary film maker, photo journalist and segment producer for Satluj TV Network, James can leverage that experience to bring full length breaking crime news reports to the distribution funnel very rapidly. James' other media coverage including National Disasters, front line coverage of the Ukraine War, the Refugee Crisis in Poland among other stories of international significance which James has personally captured on the front lines and delivered to international news agencies including CBC, CTV, iTV, BBC, Fox News, Discovery Channel, CNN, Global TV and dozens of others. 

Season 1 sponsors and advertisers are locked in to the same rate for 48 months should they opt to buy single episode commitments or package special series opportunities. We do anticipate market adjustment rates to increase by 33-38% for season 2 at minimum. 

Payment terms unless otherwise agreed to in your written sponsorship agreement are as follows. Single episode agreements due at time of booking. Multiple booking of 2-6 episodes 50% of full commitment due on booking and balance 72 hours after original airing date of second episode. 7+ episodes will be due at 50% on booking, 25% 72 hours after date episode 5 airs and balance 72 hours after airing of episode 7. All rates are listed in USD Currency unless otherwise specified in the written agreement. For agreements of 15 + episodes, terms will be negotiated and agreed to between ProPics Canada Media Ltd and the advertising / sponsoring entity or authorized agents.   

Looking to buy in on an episode or special series sponsorship opportunities? Contact your Account Manager at 
ProPics Canada Media Ltd or PPC AI Technologies.

Open to all interested advertisers worldwide unless restricted by laws, embargos or other international actions by Canada, United Nations, NATO and other governing and or administrative bodies to which Canada is party to or actively supporting actions of.   

If you do not currently have an account manager

AI - A Game Changer for the Global Entertainment Industry

The vision is to empower people to utilize the power of AI and other technologies to advance the world of entertainment, creativity and production with the goal of improved ROI and streamlined processes. 

The Series

TRUE CRIME AND JUSTICE is a series premiering in January 2024. It is created and produced by James Cousineau. Distributed by ProPics Canada Media Ltd. Globally through the various streaming platforms with a combined potential viewer pool of over 300,000,000 people. Although premiering globally in english in season 1, it will be translated to various languages in mid 2024 with future seasons being released simultaneously in over a dozen languages. This series is a hybrid of traditional production processes and cutting edge AI Technologies. 



Licensing Partners

If you are seeking to license video, images, datasets and other original IP from our catalogue of over 500,000 original media assets created by ProPics Canada Media Ltd. You can contact your account manager or through our licensing partners around the globe.   

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