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Employee Uniform Policy 


All employees and contractors are required to dress in an appropriate wardrobe when working in the company offices or anywhere while conducting business representing the ProPics Canada Media Ltd, PPC AI Technologies and PPC International AI & Technology brands when interacting with potential or existing clients. THIS INCLUDES IN VIRTUAL MEETINGS AND EVENTS WHEN YOU ARE PARTICIPATING VIA VIDEO PLATFORMS FROM HOME, OFFICE OR OTHER LOCATION. Failure to comply will result in actions up to and including termination of employment or contactor positions. Uniforms are simple and extend our brand to all of our clients. They also give a consistent feel and image in the eyes of clients and potential new clients. IF YOU ARE A NEW EMPLOYEE, YOUR ARE NOT REQUIRED TO BE IN UNIFORM WHILE WORKING WITH CLIENTS OR POTENTIAL CLIENTS UNTIL 7 DAYS AFTER YOU RECEIVE YOUR UNIFORM DELIVERY. 

We provide free uniforms to all new employees and contractors who will be interacting directly with clients in person or virtually. Uniforms are sent at no cost to you for uniform or shipping. We also provide an allowance every quarter to compensate you for cleaning of your uniform. As our company uniforms consist only of Golf Style Shirts with the company logo or T-Shirts with the company logo on the front and back of the shirt. The rest of your outfit is up to you but it must be clean and presentable. If you require replacement uniform items for any reason, please email your direct supervisor and the order will be placed. Please ensure that if you need to receive unform items for your new position use the following form and your uniform will be shipped directly to the address you provide. If you need to return uniform items for any reason, contact your supervisor as they will email you a prepaid shipping label so you need not worry about the costs. 


1 x Black Branded Golf Style Shirt

1 x White Branded Golf Style Shirt

1 x Black Branded Crew Neck T-Shirt

1 x White Branded Crew Neck T-Shirt

Click Here To Order Your (FREE) New Employee Uniform Pack. 

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