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What is AIIMS - Automated Infrastructure Impact Mitigation System

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How can the upcoming AIIMS Technology Reduce Overpass Impacts in British Columbia?

AIIMS is a new package of equipment and technology systems launching in Q4 2024 by PPCM IA and Technologies to eliminate vehicle contacts with stationary objects

By: PPC IA and Technology Solutions


VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Jan. 4, 2024 - PRLog -- As a truck approaches an infrastructure object, in this case a highway overpass, as sensor and detection system scans the real time dimensions. No further processing or activations are initiated if within the preconfigured data range. Should the system detect that the height of the vehicle does not fit within the limits, the alert system is activated. Warning signals are initiated which include flashing amber lights and an information sign. In addition, multiple cameras and data scanners are activated to capture data and images in UHD and IR quality. This records actions of the subject vehicle and driver. It will also capture images from various multiple angles of the vehicle, identifiers, driver and visible passengers. The system will activate a live feed or notification to a central live monitoring station 24/7 and agencies as directed by the presets of the client.

If the vehicle stops and adjusts the load for proper and safe clearance, the data will be stored on a secured system for a duration directed by the client. Should the vehicle not stop and makes contact, the real time data and images will allow for dispatch of emergency crews if required. The system also provides crucial information for investigation or prosecution purposes.

After every incident, the system will prepare and submit a report and data analysis information sheet to the client. Through the use of many technology driven systems and equipment combined with AI Predictive Tech and Machine Learning Technology, the technology will revolutionize infrastructure impact avoidance programs around the globe. The system will also be scalable to introduce compatibility with future technology such as autonomous commercial vehicles as just one example.

The company behind the technology and systems has reached out to the Province of British Columbia with an invitation to be involved in the initial lunch and promise to provide, install and support 5 units to to the province of infrastructure within the province controlled by regional or local governments. The AIIMS System will launch distribution and installations in other North American jurisdictions during Q4 - 2024 to select clients and with limited units per client until the system is fully released to international markets in Q4 2025. If the Province does not respond with a letter of interest by January 19, 2024, the system will not be available in British Columbia until at least the end of 2025.


The scalability to incorportate and build on the technology also allows for the integration of weights and measurements of no over sized loads ie: dumptruck weights, notification of non tarped loads, driver logs and hours of service details and other tech as required or requested. This will bring together a variety of solutions for DOT and CVSE among other monitoring and enforcement agencies.

Many corporate and private entities have joined a waiting list for the equipment and technology.



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