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Revolutionizing Healthcare - AI's Lifesaving Impact

ProPics Canada Media Ltd is much more than just a media services corporation. We are also the parent company of PPC AI Technologies. Providing AI research, development, and custom industry-specific solutions tailored for our clients around the globe.

In addition to consulting and results-driven solutions in all industries, we also provide workshops and training programs for all industries and market segments. Visit our home page to view a few videos which demonstrate how AI is impacting your everyday life. There you can also find industry-specific workshop schedules for 2024 around the globe. If you are looking for an introductory workshop in a specific industry and or geographic region not listed in our schedule, send us a message as to the industry and location and we will let you know if a workshop is in the works suitable for you.

Contact us for in-house workshops and training for your staff and management. (778) 980-4635


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