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ShaMaSha Pre-Production Questionnaire 

Please fill in the following form. If there are any questions which are not applicable or that you wish to not answer, just leave the dialogue box blank. We look forward to working with you. 


Email Address*

Any additional info you wish to share and not asked?*

Experience Environment

Top 3 comments you hear from guests

How long have you been operating?

What makes your business / experience unique?

How did you come to the concept and decision to start your business?

Is your experience weather restricted?

What is the most satisfying moment you have experienced during operations?

What is your goal over the next 5 years for growth?

How was your business impacted by Covid?

Are you open year round or seasonal?

What is the most important message you would like to potential visitors to know before booking / arrival?

Besides Covid, has your business overcome any other challenges?

How do you balance environmental protection with providing a unique guest experience?

Lighting and Sound Requirement Questions have been removed for locations over 60KM from our offices. This is due to the distance, we come with all lighting and sound gear which may be required. Although much of the gear will not be required on location productions, we want to ensure that we are prepared for any changes or video clips not foreseen. 

The production will focus on the following production plan

- Action of what guests would be experiencing 

- Action of you and or your staff providing the experience

- Environmental / Establishing Clips which include surroundings, scenery, exteriors and interiors without people, general coverage of staff and guests

- Interview with a representative of your business

- Quick Interview with guest(s) if available 

- General community clips for location establishing shots

- General Video Clips

Some production locations offer great establishing shots outside of the scheduled production times scheduled. Example - locations of attractions / businesses etc that offer amazing views of sunrise or sunsets. If this is the case, the production team may get some shots outside of the scheduled production time in order to maximise the impact of visuals for your potential new guests. This would be decided by the production team and would not require any additional work or cost for the addition filming time. This would be decided by the production team / camera operator based on the schedule and potential impact on the production. 

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