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First Aid & Medical Help For Israel 

Donate Securely Online

With training and experience in emergency response, James is on the list for dispatch to volunteer helping those in need of care and assistance in Israel. Donate here to help preparing for the trip and purchase of first aid and medical supplies to be taken to Israel. You will be able to follow ProPics Canada Media Ltd on TikTok, X (formerly Twitter) and other platforms to see your contributions in action. 



Subscribe and Follow on Social Media & Streaming Platforms

By subscribing to our YouTube Channel and following us on social media, you can see the donations in action. Regular updates will be posted so that supporters can see how the project is helping others and saving lives. 


War Zone & Disaster Experience

James has experience in assisting in Ukraine during the Russian Invasion and in Poland helping refugees arriving from Ukraine. Further, James has assisted in natural disasters and other situations where people were in need as a result of catastrophic loss. If you check out our social media and TikTok, you can see videos and images from past initiatives. 


Share This Page On Social Media

By sharing this page on Social Media and other platforms, you raise awareness of this project and encourage others to give as they can. In these days of financial uncertainty, many people can not give but by sharing the project with others, it can reach a wider audience. 


Non Combat Assistance

Our role is not to be concerned with the politics or military actions. The only role is to bring help to those in need. When someone is injured and in need of help, it is our goal to help without judgement and without question. James will be working with a well established NGO with decades of experience in this regard. 


Why Donate Here?

As James prepares to travel to Israel, the dispatch could come at anytime. This will allow not only to take supplies with him to Israel but also to have the ability to purchase needed equipment and supplies while in Israel. This will allow for the flexibility to secure supplies as required and of such that run short or are in most need at any given time. It also goes to the project with no fundraising costs or administration costs taken from the donations unlike some other organizations. 

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