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Links to Resources for Photographers & Videographers Wanting to Sell Photos and Videos

Licensing of Images and Video Footage

You have several options for making money with your video footage and still photos. Licensing means that you are selling someone the rights to use your content but you still retain the owner of the rights. There are two main definitions to consider in licensing. These are either Exclusive or non-exclusive. In the first option, you are charging the client more as they are the only one that will be able to use that licensed content during a specified period of time. The non-exclusive is more common as it allows you to allow use by multiple clients but again, retain all ownership rights. 

Selling Full Rights of Ownership

This option means that you are selling the files as you would any other product. Once the rights are purchased, the new owner is granted the rights to distribute, license, sell or use the files at their discretion and you have no rights to the content. Any licensing and other fees from other platforms are now payable to the new owner of the files. This gives you a lump sum payment for a file or collection instead of receiving licensing royalties over the longer term. 

Sites to sell licenses of your files. 

Below are some of the larger platforms where you will upload your images and video footage. Once you have uploaded the files you will need to name the files, add keywords and descriptions. Different sites may have varied requirements of data to be entered. These sites DO NOT charge you to become a user and to distribute your works. Instead, they sell the licenses to your files to clients of all levels. They may sell to editorial customers (news and media companies for news and related uses) or to commercial clients (all uses other that news formats such as stock images and content for sale and marketing materials, online videos, documentaries, business presentations and such) 

The sites will pay varied rates to you after they receive payment and deduct their fees from the sale of licenses. You also have the option of setting your prices or allow them to set your prices. I personally allow them to set the prices as they know what the value is to potential clients and thus gives you the best opportunity for making money. Some sites pay out immediately while other may only pay out once a month. 

Stringr - Editorial Video

Stringr is an international news content platform for video only. They are very good about letting you know when images are sold and making payment to you within 24 hours of sale. They also post opportunities where media clients require certain footage in your geographic region, allowing you to increase potential revenue. 

Stringershub - Editorial Video

Stringershub is another News related site that accepts only editorial style content. They have a very large client base of news and media companies around the globe. They pay out monthly but you are not told when video footage is sold so you are not able to track sales until they send you a payment. This is also a video only platform but also provides opportunities to provide specific videos and assignments such as interviews etc. in your region on behalf of their clients needs.

The mobile platform works well but the desktop site is very unreliable and has many problems.  Still worth working with though and teams are great at directly communicating when needed. 

Pond5 - Commercial and Editorial Photos and Video Footage

Pond5 is one of the largest sites providing stock photos and video footage. The platform allows you to sell both, editorial and commercial photos of every topic, style and content. 

They have various upload options for content creators and make it easy to use. The creator dashboard allows you to track files, sales and much more. They have a very user friendly interface which helps save you time on the posting process and more time on creating more content. You can also sell licenses to music, illustrations and much more. 

Fine Art America - Commercial Images & Art

This is a platform that sells everything from frames art and images through to phone covers, pillows, shower curtains and thousands of other items which will feature your work. The products are of great quality and you can create your own store to send your potential buyers to. They print it on demand so once you have uploaded your images, they take care of all the steps from printing the products and shipping to the buyer. You are paid your funds via several method options. 

The dashboard is easy to use and has amazing tracking tools making it very user friendly.  

Getty Images / iStock - Photos and Video Footage Editorial and Commercial

Getty Images may be one of the most recognized stock photo and video platforms in the world. A solid reputation in the world of media, they bring huge exposure opportunities to all photographers and videographers using the platform for licensing deals. 

Wirestock - All Media - Commercial & Editorial

Wirestock not only sells you licenses for your media but also shares the files with other sites including 123RF, Getty, iStock, Alamy, Shutterstock, Adobe, Stockphotos, Dreamstime and others. 

This is a great platform with easy of use. The dashboard allows real time tracking of your files and sales. The uploading process is easy and can be done from either a desktop computer, tablet or phone. They have a great international presence for exposure to your works and sales of licenses. 

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