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Virtual Online Workshop

December 08, 2023


10am - 3pm


$149.00 / participant


With the rapid advance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the tech world, people are not understanding the full pitfalls and benefits in their sector. This workshop is designed specifically for small business owners / managers, business groups, business associations and economic development organizations.

Throughout the workshop, attendees will learn an overview of AI and ML with real world examples of the downfalls and the successes for small businesses and business associations. You will understand the ways in which the technology can benefit your business regardless of your industry or market niche.


The same problem faced many small and medium size businesses, all industries and international conglomerates with the failing to grasp the future of the internet, social media, smart phones etc.

At one point many years ago, I sat with a Canadian manager of Virgin Records. At that time Limewire, Napster etc. were at the forefront and fear of record labels and artists around the globe. Major labels were suffering losses of millions resulting from their own ignorance of the technology. I explained to him that the industry is fragmented and bending over to tech instead of leveraging it and embrasing the new opportunities. While they were taking small crumbs (at the time) for legitimate streaming while not seeing how to grow and leverage it, they spent time and money fighting a technology based battle with 1920's based radio technology.

You can stand back and fear the rapidly advancing technology and under value the impact it can have or you can embrace it and understand how to exploit the advancing technology to your business' benefit.

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