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The uniform pack for new employees and contractors is free of charge. We also provide a payment to all employees every three months to compensate for cleaning your uniform items. The rate of cleaning payments can be obtained from your welcome package or by simply asking your supervisor for current rates. Your uniform cleaning compensation rate for most employees in 2024 is $30. every three months. For employees in departments which may require enhanced or job-specific uniforms payments may be different.   


ProPics Canada Media Ltd charges a uniform deposit which is refunded in full when your uniform is returned or automatically after three months of employment or active contractor status. If you can not make your uniform deposit online please email your supervisor or our general company email so we can forward the email to your supervisor to make arrangements for you. 


ProPics Canada Media Ltd New Employee and Contractor Uniform Package

  • If for any reason your uniform requires return or exchange, speak with your supervisor as they will provide you with a pre-paid shipping label and instructions for returning or exchanging items at no charge to you. 

  • If you leave the company for any reason before your completion of 90 days, you will be required to return your uniform items. Should you fail to return items as agreed, you will forfeit your unfirm deposit and or be charged for the full cost of the uniform items not returned. After 90 days of employment directly or as a contractor you may keep all issued uniform items. All uniform deposits are automatically refunded to employees after the 90-day probationary period is complete or when uniform items are returned before completion of the probationary period including if the individual is promoted to a position where the company uniform is not required. 

Please click on the link provided to access more information. CLICK HERE

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