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ProPics Canada Media Ltd

Photography - Video Production - Live Streaming - Content Creation - Co-productions - Commercial and Event Services 

Making Your First Class Music Video

Your music tells a story. A great song can impact millions of people around the globe. When you are filming a music video to expose viewers to your track, you need to ensure that your music video makes a memorable impact with potential new fans and the fans who are dedicated fans. ProPics Canada Media Ltd can help your from the initial creative concept through to the final edits and distribution of your music video. 

From behind the scenes photography and videos during your studio recordings through to live shows and choreographed and scripted videos, we will consult with you to develop the best way to capture your vision. 

Our music videos are all produced at a minimum 4K / UHD resolution with the highest quality sound. We want your video to look and sound as good on a smart phone as it does on your big screen home theatre system. 

Contact ProPics Canada Media Ltd to discuss your next project. 

Vancouver (778) 908-2811

Whistler (604) 905-8395

Toronto (647) 472-9414

Making Your Music Video

We can provide location scouting and individual services for each step of your production or we can handle the entire production from creative concept through to delivery

For Leela Gilday's ONE DRUM video, we were fortunate enough to be invited on board to provide location scouting and management. The video was produced by Big Soul Productions and directed by Helen Haig-Brown. 

ProPics Canada Media can help your current production team as needed or we can provide a production team to produce the entire project. 

Live Recordings This is a raw session to start the process of story telling. 

Depending on your goal of the video, we look at the full production. To start with, we will generally listen to the track in a quiet setting and find a vision. Many times this process includes a live performance which allows us to see and feel what the artist is trying to project with the song through the emotion demonstrated with vocals, expressions and body language. 

Why does this matter? you may ask. We want to maximize the emotional connection with the listener and viewer. We want to explore the energy and find a way where as the viewer of the video shares in the energy of the track. It is about building a relationship with current and potential new fans. 

The above track was a rough demo from an artist which is sometimes the best starting point in the videos creative process. 

The above track was written and performed by the very talented Payton Nyirfa of Langley, British Columbia Canada. 

Our Recent Work

Studio and Promotional Photos for Musicians and Entertainers

When you are in the studio certain things will stand out and be memories forever. Other things can get forgotten as your mind is more on the music and getting the "perfect" track laid down.  During this process, some great images can be captured in the moment. They make for great archives but also can be used for promotion and marketing on social media, EPK's and more. 

Session and track in this track is Jim Abbott's Septic Sam project. The track "KNOW BY NOW" by Jim Abbott of Mission, British Columbia. 

Recorded at Vancouver's historic Greenhouse Studios 

Studio Photography and Audio For Video Creation

From the music composition to the lyrics, instrumentalists to vocalists, we can handle the creation of original tracks in all genres. For use in television and online commercials to television and motion picture tracks, we can work to ensure that the music adds to the story and the mood of the production. 

Further to original soundtracks, we can assist in licensing music previously recorded by artists around the globe. If you choose to use tracks currently available through your own music collection or taken from online sources without licensing, not only are you committing a crime, you are stealing from musicians. Unlike what people believe, most musicians are not making loads of money from their recorded works. Be fair and ensure you only use properly licensed tracks. It will save you from the issues of copyright and legal exposure. 

The above track, "Know By Now" was an original track written and produced by James Cousineau, Jim Abbott and E. Rashig performed by Independents for Independence and recorded at Bryan Adam's world class, Warehouse Recording Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia. All rights Reserved, ProPics Canada Media Ltd.

Our Recent Work

Live Concerts and Events including Live Streaming Concerts

During music festivals and even small community events, you can not only record the live performance but you can also live stream via various social media outlets or VOD services to ensure your global audience can enjoy the show. The other benefit is that you can share the show with fans and as they share with their friends and contacts, your fan base can grow even faster. 

By adding videos such as this, it gives the fans a sense of inclusion in even the smallest and more intimate performances. It helps to build on that relationship you want with music lovers around the world. 

Behind the scenes in studio to promote your upcoming releases or to share memories of past released tracks. 

This video was produced to document the recording of the track, "We Will Be There" at Bryan Adams' Warehouse Studios in downtown Vancouver, BC. The project was a part of a compilation CD produced and released as a fundraising project for  various organizations assisting our troops and their families who suffer injuries and or loss during conflict. The track was very important in a second way in sending a message to the troops who were posted overseas and away from home that the people at home appreciate all that they do and sacrifice in the name of peace and freedom. 

The CD was entitled, CD 4 The Troops by James Cousineau and friends. Many musicians from Canada and the United States came together and contributed to the project to show their support. 

The title track "We Will Be There" was co-written and produced by James Cousineau, Jim Abbott and E Rashig. CD tracks compiled and produced by James Cousineau. All rights Reserved ProPics Canada Media Ltd. The musicians on the title track were brought together and coordinated by James Cousineau specifically for this project and they are much appreciated for being involved in the project. 

Delivering Your Music and Message Direct to the Fans

Direct to fans via social media or VOD channels is a great way to increase your audience

By either live streaming messages or streaming pre-recorded messages direct to fans, you again, help to build your brand and increase your fan base. Yes, your band or you as an individual should be viewed and marketed as such but also as a brand. You want to look at the long term marketing and goals of your career. 

As mentioned previously, you want the fans to have a relationship with the band in a meaningful way. They will be more likely to be champions of your music, help spread the music to new fans and act as your brand ambassadors. 

Technology and social media gives you a very effective tool in building and continuing that fan relationship. If you think that it does not matter, take a look at even the most successful artists. They need to continue to be relevant to long time fans while inviting new ones. A great example of this is to look at how Garth Brooks is using the platforms to continue his dominance of the country music industry after decades of hits and success. 

Music festivals and community events

You can look at performances at small festivals and community events as a waste of time or you can look at them as an opportunity. Again, you may not have a large number of people there in person but if you plan it right in your digital marketing strategy, you can find a benefit and reward to these events. 

I am not saying that you should rush out and sign up for every one you can find, I am saying that through photos and videos of these events, you can gather some great content for your social media feed while also encouraging those who do watch live to share clips and images to their social media channels. Many artists are reluctant to allow the pubic to share clips but for an emerging artist, this can help you in many ways. Share your social media links with the crowd as well so they can link to your feeds and others viewing their content can also easily find you. 

Above you see Jim Abbott performing a cover at the Make Music Vancouver Festival. Thousands of music fans walked through the cities Gastown community enjoying many artists performing all around. It is another great way to gain exposure but we never promote the pay to play venues. 

Above Jim Abbott is performing a cover of Zach Brown Bands, 


Songwriters: Wyatt Durrette / Zachry Brown

Highway 20 Ride lyrics © Weimerhound Publishing