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ProPics Canada Media Ltd

Photography - Video Production - Live Streaming - Content Creation - Co-productions - Commercial and Event Services 

Freelance Videography - News, Commercials and more

ProPics Canada Media Ltd offers video and stills licensing of images and video through several platforms for News Agencies, Media Companies, Commercials, Television and Film Production etc. 

Your options are multiple for use of our images and to have use capture exclusive / custom footage and images. We distribute licenses though Getty Images Creative and Editorial in addition to video licensing through 

If you are seeking custom / original works, reach out to us directly or through these above sites. 

We accept assignment requests for services in Canada and worldwide. Passport is always ready for last minute assignments anywhere you require footage to be captured. 

Gear kits in house include a series of Nikon Camera Bodies and lenses for stills in addition to a Sony Z280 for 4K, broadcast quality video productions. If other cameras are required, we have the ability to rent specific cameras through various sources as we require them. 

Contact our nearest office to discuss your needs. 

Toronto, Vancouver, Whistler.