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Cancellation /  Return Policy

ProPics Canada Media Ltd provides several options for cancelation and refunds for services and products. Be advised that these policies do not apply when products are purchased from third party vendors such as PicFair, Fine Art America, Stringr and other third party resellers, licensing agencies etc. In such case, the third party's businesses and return policies shall be referred to.  

In such case that the services which are agreed to with ProPics Canada Media Ltd are cancelled by the client, no refund of deposits shall be provided unless specifically agreed to in writing by ProPics Canada Media Ltd Management. In the event a client is not satisfied with the product provided, we will offer a refund upon return of all items and or files to ProPics Canada Media Ltd. Unless otherwise agreed to, this also cancels any use, possession or sharing of files in any and all formats by the client immediately. All use and rights licensing or permissions become null and void with all rights for use being retained in perpetuity by ProPics Canada Media Ltd for any and all use in any and all forms of media distribution and licensing exclusively and non exclusively to compensate ProPics Canada Media Ltd for the time and work dedicated to the project which has been surrendered to ProPics Canada Media Ltd. 

Any retainment of files or use of files in any manner, medium, or platform currently available or developed in the future shall constitute a breach of international copyright laws and regulations. Retainment of files in any manner, digitally or physically will be a clear and open admission of copyright infringement and the individuals, groups or others will be prosecuted to the full extent of any and all laws pertaining to the copyright infringement and theft of files, whether physical or digital. 

In cancelling any license agreement, refund of payments for services rendered or any breach of conditions agreed to between the client and ProPics Canada Media Ltd the client agrees that no licensing rights are held by the client, no fees or compensation is due to any person(s) or property included in any images, inclusive of all still images, likenesses, video clips, scenes, audio recordings and other media captured by ProPics Canada Media ltd. All rights are retained by ProPics Canada Media Ltd and any breach of the terms of this cancellation by the client will automatically be seen as a renewal of the clients use licenses and the compensation for use shall be a minimum of $10,000.00 CAD per still image used and $100,000.00 CAD per minute of any video clips used or retained by the client. Upon receipt of the payment of these fees, the client will be provided all rights and licensing in perpetuity.

The client agrees that any breach of the terms set out for the receipt of a refund and cancellation of products and files, ProPics Canada Media Ltd will use the full force of both Criminal and or civil legal proceedings against any person or persons in breach of the terms with the client agreeing that they shall be liable for the full legal and administrative costs incurred by ProPics Canada Media Ltd plus all costs claimed and or awarded. 

By proceeding with the request for refund, you agree to all of the above terms and conditions. 

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