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Welcome To Canada.. Again Production Project

ProPics Canada Media Ltd President and CEO spent many years in the sales and marketing of inbound tourism and transportation related companies prior to decades of working in Film and Television. He has worked hard to include the promotion of Canada as a tourism destination in most of his projects since then. ProPics Canada Media Ltd is in the top 10% of suppliers for international inbound tourism related images and videos on Google, Google Guides, TripAdvisor and other top international travel and tourism related platforms. over 95% of which were done at no charge to the featured businesses in order to continue promoting out amazing nation as a tourism destination. These images and videos have been viewed by over 1.5 billion people worldwide. 

The new project "Canada Welcomes You... Back" is being subsidized by ProPics Canada Media Ltd and is seeking other sponsors who will have logo placement on the production vehicle as it travels all part of the country. The sponsors will also get mention in all social media platforms during the production travels and logo placements at the end of  all project videos. 

There are limited numbers of production spaces available which mean that screening of companies and attractions, accommodations and other interested tourism related agencies are limited in each region. 200 production spaces may seem like alot but when broken down across the country, it means very limited opportunities for the exposure to international inbound tourists and related companies.  

The cost for production is on average $1280.00 plus GST but being subsidized and will only cost businesses $400.00 plus GST. Over the years, the tourism industry has been a big part of the ProPics Canada Media Ltd client base and this is our way of showing the appreciation while assisting the industry in a more rapid recovery. 

What is the benefit to the participating businesses? Simple, exposure to a potential international audience of over 100,000,000 viewers through our streaming on the Roku platform, international travel media exposure, live events on out massive social media platforms, all raw footage also provided to the business / attractions etc., for use in all of their social media, internet and other media sources. 

The package includes a 3 hour onsite production including both video and photography by world renowned producer / director / videographer / photographer James Cousineau. James is not only as listed above but also an internationally known actor and comedian.

Participating businesses will also have a chance to be featured in the Back 2 Business Canada documentary being debuted in Cannes, France. For samples of the works from ProPics Canada Media Ltd, visit the main website at 

You have probably seen footage and images by ProPics Canada Media Ltd  through major news services around the world who have licensed works by ProPics Canada Media relating to the front line of the Ukraine war, Refugee Crisis in Ukraine, Western Canadian Wildfires, Indian Residential Schools across Canada and many other stories of international attention. 

ProPics Canada Media Ltd also makes all footage available to international media and travel outlets through our partnerships with Pond5, Getty Images,, Stringershub, iStock and dozens on other international media clients. ProPics Canada Media Ltd is also a proud member of the following associations; MPPIA, CPAW, CWA Canada, Canadian Freelance Guild, International Documentary Association, International Association of Press Photographers and many more. This ensures the maximum exposure for all participating companies and brands. 

Participating businesses, attractions, accommodations, sponsors etc will be provided 2 - 30 second videos released by ProPics Canada Media Ltd for internal use, all RAW Footage, one 60 second promo video and a live stream on social media platforms on the day of production among other benefits. 

Applications for participation close soon. Reach out to for more info or fill on the application at the following link. CLICK HERE

Canada Welcomes You…Back Production Project

Helping Canada’s Tourism Industry in a Rapid Recovery Post Pandemic


Project Overview

Participating businesses must be primarily serving the tourism industry such as attractions, destination management, accommodations and hospitality, vehicle rental agencies, tourism marketing associations, business improvement associations, restaurants, historic sites, museums, amusement facilities, fairs and events, travel services providers, railways, airlines, travel agencies, etc.

Given the limited number of project spaces across the country, all those interested in participating in the project must fill in the online project application. Applications closing soon. 

Benefits to participants are as follows;

3 hour on-site video production in full, broadcast quality 4K which will provide 2x 30 second promo videos and 1x60 second edited promo video for unlimited use on all marketing placements, social media platforms, websites etc. by the participant.

Release and exposure on the ProPics Canada Media Ltd social media platforms, website exposure on the project section of the ProPics Canada Media website, inclusion on the ProPics Canada Media Ltd Youtube Channel, Vimeo Channel, Roku TV Station coming Fall of 2022 with a potential audience of over 100,000,000 worldwide on all Roku TV’s and devices. Content from ProPics Canada Media is frequently used by news and media outlets in over 35 countries. 

ALL RAW Video Footage and Photos from production for use as desired by the participants in-house marketing and social media teams or third party services working on behalf of the participant. With unlimited licensing and time restrictions.

Completed videos will be available to the participants in various formats for maximizing use on various social media formats etc.

ProPics Canada Media Ltd live streams on production day to provide further exposure to the 10,000’s of current followers around the globe

All videos will also be uploaded to news and travel media content delivery websites such as iStock, Getty Images, Pond5, Stringr, StringersHub and many others to increase the participants

brand awareness with travel media and television production researchers among online and other travel platforms.

IN VIDEO LINKS WILL BE AVAILABLE TO THE PARTICIPANTS WEBSITE AND OR BOOKING PAGE so viewers can go direct to your booking service on devices which allow for use of in video links.

Regular cost for this service starts at $1280.00 plus GST but ProPics Canada Media Ltd is subsidizing the project in order to help our vital tourism industry to recover at a faster pace. This brings the rate for each participant to $400.00 plus GST and limited spaces are available in the production schedule.

Businesses must have a valid business license and provide products, services or promotion of local tourism related industry activities.

Disqualified businesses include any service that is for medical based tourism, businesses promoting illegal activities, any activity which may place participants unknowingly at risk of injury or death (high risk activities such a bungee jumping, sky diving etc. are fine if certified and registered with local and other required agencies) Any business which is lined to any activity promoting or involved in illegal labor practices or exploitation of employees directly or indirectly.

All participating businesses, agencies, organizations MUST be respectful of all persons involved in the production process at all times. Any failure to treat every individual with respect and dignity for any reason shall void any agreement and ProPics Canada Media Ltd shall have the right to take all steps required to remedy the situation. This may include removal of persons from set, suspension of production until a proper resolution is implemented or cancellation of the participants involvement with no refund of deposit or fees and ProPics Canada Media Ltd will bill the participant for costs and fees relating to the project as deemed appropriate by ProPics Canada Media Ltd. The simple way to avoid this is to treat everyone with respect and dignity at all times. It is not only essential for production but just common sense in the tourism and hospitality business.

ProPics Canada Media Ltd will have involvement of a very limited number of third party sponsors which will have their logos on the production vehicle that will travel the country and appear at various community, national & international events happening around Canada over the next 12 months. They will also get exposure though the projects online and other platforms etc. This also allows for expanded exposure of the project to local, national and international inbound tourists and tour groups over the next 12 months.

Application for inclusion in the project does not guarantee your involvement. NO FEES are charged for the application process. If accepted into the project you will pay a $200.00 non refundable deposit on the fees and the balance due after delivery of your completed videos.

Please visit the project page to read details and apply at

If you have any further questions or comments, contact ProPics Canada Media Ltd at (778) 908-2811 or via email at


James Cousineau

President & CEO

ProPics Canada Media Ltd

Project sponsor benefits include

Approx. 48”x48” Vinyl Logo placement on Project / Production vehicle which will be driven throughout Canada during the production dates, in attendance at local, national and international events being hosted around Canada over the next 12 months Such as the Banff Media Festival, Film Festivals, Community Fairs, International events hosted in Canada and many others.

Production and airing of 60 second sponsor videos on the project website, Roku channel, Youtube, Vimeo and social media platforms over the next 12 months

Sponsor logos at the end of every one of the hundreds of project videos

Logo placements on the project website and social media platforms

Sponsor videos displayed on LED screen at all events which the project / production vehicle attends over the next 12 months

Recognition in all print, radio, television and digital media promotions and appearances which happen throughout the production schedule and project over the next 12 months

Logo placement and recognition in all participant production packages

In video links to sponsors website on promotional videos which air on supporting platforms

For more information on sponsor packages and rates, contact 


ProPics Canada Media Ltd is a proud member of the following:

Commercial Production Association of Western Canada

Motion Picture Production Industry Association

International Federation of Journalists

CWA Canada - Canada’s Media Union

Canadian Freelance Guild

International Association of Press Photographers

International Documentary Association

Cloverdale and District Chamber of Commerce

& many others. 

Canada Welcomes You Back

Canada Welcomes You Back

Grizzly in the Canadian Rockies

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