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Aldergrove Fair Days 2022 Images and Video Clips

Downloading and non commercial use of the files is courtesy of ProPics Canada Media Ltd. For commercial use, please reach out. If posting online, include credit to ProPics Canada Media Ltd. Thank you.

Many projects undertaken by ProPics Canada Media Ltd are freelance projects and thus self funded unless images / videos are licensed to others. We have a media fund which allows us to not only continue freelance works but also humanitarian projects such as our recent work in Ukraine and Poland among others. Feel free to make a donation via the home page of our website.

The photos and videos at this link are NOT edited or adjusted, just simply raw files uploaded to the library. This means that some may be out of focus, under or over exposed etc. Given the volume of files, if you wish any to be light or colour adjusted etc. please reach out with the file number(s). We can also sell prints on canvas, framed prints, coffee cups, t-shirts and many other products. Email us for more info. 



JPG = Compressed Images

NEF = Uncompressed Images Higher Resolution

MOV = Video Clips

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