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ProPics Canada Media Ltd

Telling Your Story

Through Images.

Professional Photography and 

4K Broadcast Video Production


Photography Services

We offer commercial services in  studio and on location.

For all genres of professional images. Product photography, food and menus, portraits, events, advertising and marketing images, social media and traditional media content creation.

Due to Covid-19 services and hours are by appointment only and our covid protocols MUST be respected at all times. 



From commercial and educational productions to live news and event streaming in 4K broadcast quality, ProPics Canada Media can take all steps from pre-production planning and scripting through to post production editing and all steps in between. 

From concept through delivery, we will make the process smooth and comfortable while maintaining timelines and budgets



All projects are priced based on the needs for each deliverable. The average costs are below but these prices should not be considered an agreement or guarantee. 

We would be pleased to discuss your needs and develop a production plan and budget for your photography or video requirements.  Weddings and private events please see the menu above for pricing .

Standard Photography $85.00 per hour 

Standard 4K/UHD Videographer $129. Per Hour 4 hour minimum

Average Commercial Video Production $1280. per finished minute. 


About ProPics Canada Media

Our leadership is second to none in  the industry. With decades of experience in still photography and video / film production, we pride ourselves on providing the best services our clients deserve. 

James, President & CEO of ProPics Media Ltd is educated in:

Digital Photography - Cornell University - School of Architecture, Art and Planning of New York

Multimedia Design and Project Management - Trebas Institute in Toronto, ON

Digital Marketing - Alacrity Canada 

James is also experienced in live entertainment, content creation, writing, stand-up comedy, acting in film and television among many other roles in the production and entertainment field. 


Our Recent Work

Kary Movers Metro Vancouver Promo

Simple promo videos for your business to share on your website and social media. These videos are filmed and produced in your selected format right up to 8K, broadcast quality. This means that it will look amazing on your smartphone or desktop computer, through to even the largest of big screen TV's and screens. 

Video Title

From news and media interviews, through to full corporate videos and documentaries, we can work on your required production from concept through delivery. 

ProPics Canada Media Ltd is also producing the current docuseries 

"Back 2 Business Canada" which you can visit the project website at 

→ Please call us for a FREE quote ←

Vancouver  (604) 905-8395

Toronto      (647) 472-9414